Finally! Beetles by Colour is back!


On the old version of our website many people enjoyed tracking down a beetle by using its colour.  It was a much bigger job to set up on the current platform, but the required weeks have been dedicated to the task and we are excited to announce that Beetles by Colour  is back!

New! Dragonflies and Damselflies of Tasmania Book.

2023 TasDRGF Book Launch

Yaaay!  Michael Driessen and Günther Theischinger have produced a beautiful new field guide to Tasmanian Dragonflies and Damselflies.  I’ve already sourced a copy and it is an absolute gem that will be used a lot.  It has stunning photos and information for each species, and also has a adult and larval keys with diagram to … Read more

Threatened species review.

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Are you interested in giving feedback as to how we can support endangered species? NRE Tas encourages you to have your say on how Tasmania can protect, recover, and value our threatened species now and into the future. Opportunity for feedback on this first stage is open for public consultation until 5 pm, Friday 22 … Read more

Global Audience

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You may be interested to see that not all of our traffic comes from Tasmania.  Here are the top 7 geographic visitors to the site from the last month.

Videos are fixed

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After a very long and fairly tedious few days, all of those broken videos have now been fixed!  Now there are over 100 (mostly terrible) videos for you to enjoy at your leisure 😉 

Back again…

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Sorry about the site being offline for a couple of days at the end of January. We pay for a plan that is usually enough, but with the peak visits in January, and lots of new material being added, we exceeded our quota. Hopefully that won’t happen very often.

A Threatened Species Project Talk

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We encourage you to attend the Miniature Wonders talk presented by Dr Karen Richards and Dr Jo Potter-Craven on July 27.  The talk highlights the importance of our often overlooked threatened insects. Proceeds raised by the presentation will be used to support our website.  Thanks so much to Dr. Karen Richards for nominating us.  We … Read more