Back again…

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Sorry about the site being offline for a couple of days at the end of January. We pay for a plan that is usually enough, but with the peak visits in January, and lots of new material being added, we exceeded our quota. Hopefully that won’t happen very often.

A Threatened Species Project Talk

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We encourage you to attend the Miniature Wonders talk presented by Dr Karen Richards and Dr Jo Potter-Craven on July 27.  The talk highlights the importance of our often overlooked threatened insects. Proceeds raised by the presentation will be used to support our website.  Thanks so much to Dr. Karen Richards for nominating us.  We … Read more

The return of Moths and Caterpillars by colour!

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As promised, we’ve been working hard to rebuild the moths by colour and caterpillars by colour pages.  This was a lot more complicated to complete than our last site.  After more than 50 “sittings” we’ve got it ready to release, although still have some tweaks to go. Happy hunting and have a lovely Christmas .

Great new Tasmanian Resource

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It’s exciting to see that three of our consistent supporters Simon Grove, Lynne Forster and Nick Porch have published an illustrated catalogue of Tasmanian beetles.    You can order them from the Royal Society of Tasmania. I can’t wait to get my copy!


We’ve been debating whether the right sidebars created clutter or were useful.  Today clutter won, and we turned them off on virtually all of the pages.  We hope everyone enjoys a bit more space.