Dasybasis hebes

Dasybasis hebes is a robust, dark species with reddish-brown abdomen, the latter with tergites thinly lined pale apically. The second visible abdominal tergite has a blackish central spot, and there continues from here a central series of whitish pubescent spots. The third antennal segment is noticeably angulate above basally. Females have the frons narrow, sub-parallel and with frontal callus squarish, virtually touching the eyes, and with a short lineal extension medially. Bodylength range of 13-15mm.

Dasybasis hebes is very similar to D. exulans. The latter differs from the former by the third antennal segment not being distinctly angulate above but more rounded, the second visible abdominal tergite has three black spots arranged transversely, and the abdominal tergites are more brightly margined with pale pubescence. D. exulans is also generally larger at around 15-16mm in length. A further distinction between the species is D. hebes females have the 8th abdominal sternite pointed apically where as D. exulans females have this sternite medially concave apically.

Dasybasis cf. hebes
Mid February 2010
Lenah Valley, Hobart