Genus Campodea

There are three described Campodea species found in Tasmania – C. froggattii, C. tillyardii, and C. fragilis. The latter is an introduced cosmopolitan species, and is the largest growing to around 3-4mm (excluding antennae and cerci). This species has  antennae 18-22 segmented, the cerci 11-13 segmented, and abdominal tergites 5-9 with lateral macrochaetae. C. tillyardii has a maximum length of around 3mm, the antennae 19-22 segmented, cerci 8-9 segmented, and abdominal tergites 8-9 with lateral macrochaetae. C. froggattii is similar to C. tillyardii but differs by having antennae 14-15 segmented and abdominal tergite 8 without lateral macrochaetae. C. froggattii is endemic to Tasmania.

Campodea fragilis
Diplura Campodea tillyardii Tasmania