Genus Pterolocera

Pterolocera is a genus awaiting a modern revision with apparently numerous undescribed species. The males are fully winged, however most females are flightless. Pterolocera amplicornis, the type species and currently the only described Tasmanian species, was described in the mid 19th century from male specimens collected from WA, SA, NSW and Tasmania. Historically the males of this species have been accepted as variable and tending to form local races however it’s likely there are at least several undescribed species included.

Pterolocera sp. (male)
Late December 2014
Ted’s Beach, Lake Pedder
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Pterolocera amplicornis complex (male)

Pterolocera amplicornis
complex larvae – the markings and colouring change with age, generally becoming much darker with the later instars :

Mid December 2010
Seven Mile Beach
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Early January 2010
Sisters Beach
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Mid January 2012
Rocky Cape National Park
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Pterolocera amplicornis complex larvae

Early November 2023
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Pterolocera sp.
Early September 2016
The Domain, Hobart
Larvae feed on low growing herbs and grasses in open habitats. The female moth is flightless.
Identification and information thanks to Peter McQuillan.
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Pterolocera amplicornis complex larvae

cf. Pterolocera sp. (based on similarity of external structures to other Pterolocera caterpillars)
Mid November 2016
South Coast Track, Southwest National Park
Image by Rainer Burkard, used with permission.

Early October 2022
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