Coenosia sp. #1

This Coenosia shares the pointed antennae and same leg-bristling as seen in <href=””>C. acuticornis and C. latitarsis (excepting the foretibiae lack a sub-median posterior bristle). It differs from the two described similar species by the brownish face and the tawny dusted parafrontalia and parafacialia (orbits next to the eyes above and in front) which are all dusted greyish in the described species. The colouring of the tibiae approaches C. latitarsis, in being only yellowish basally, but it appears the male lacks the flattened foretarsi of the male of that species.

Early October 2017
Coningham Nature Recreation Area, Coningham
Coenosia sp. Coenosia sp. Coenosia sp.