Genus Helinomydaea

The two Australian species currently placed in Helinomydaea do not conform strictly to the genus, lacking strong presutural acrostichals and ventral setae on wing vein R4+5, but have been placed there apparently on the similarities of the female terminalia as mentioned by Vockeroth (1972, pp. 60-61) when describing the genus. Both species were originally placed in Helina when described by Malloch (1922, 1924), and will key to this genus following Couri (2010).

Helinomydaea flavofusca
Helinomydaea flavofusca female Helinomydaea flavofusca male Helinomydaea flavofusca female

Helinomydaea fuscoflava
Helinomydaea fuscoflava female Helinomydaea fuscoflava female Helinomydaea fuscoflava male